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An anthology series that surround various intimate discussions behind closed doors following the murder of George Floyd up to the insurrection at the Capitol that identify change beginning after conversations end.


Denton Adams is the CEO of Heartfelt Pictures, a production company that aims to produce stories from the heart, for the heart. As the visionary and creator of the feature 00:08:46, it took patience and perseverance to complete physical production. As a professional filmmaker for over 15 years, Denton’s experience in addition to an amazing team with the same heart posture executed to a tee the vision he set forth. 

Denton reached out to an equal amount of Black Men and Women Storytellers at all levels of experience to participate in the movement to protest through cinematic proportions. A call to action was initiated, and they all were tasked with writing short scripts based on storylines and loglines that Denton originated and shared with them. Each creator was paired with their piece, and the rest is history. Each story makes up the anthology feature film surrounding ten conversations that transpire after the death of George Floyd (May 25, 2020) up to the Insurrection at the Capitol (January 6, 2021).

“It took a village to raise this child. Although our job is not over just yet, what we accomplished in the middle of a pandemic was something special. It took the right individuals to make it happen, and although we had hiccups along the way, God gave His direction, and we followed the path He instructed us on. It’s that simple. When you follow Him, you can’t lose. We can’t wait until everyone gets to experience our protest film.” - Denton Adams

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After the broadcast murder of George Floyd across media outlets, all Denton Adams (Writer, Director, Producer) could do was watch the hurt in his two sons.  He originally wanted to get out and hit the streets and join in the protests. Still, having a family and being reminded of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, he chose to take his talents and be an activist through storytelling. Creating what was initially entitled "The Talk," Denton established ten stories to make up one feature-length film. Each short film's themes of social inequality, police brutality, racism, and their effects on society, especially black men and women. Instead of directing it himself, he decided to bring on ten other creatives to help tell this compelling story for this independent project. It only fitted to change the title to the length of time acknowledged of George Floyd's neck was pinned down by a law enforcement officer's knee. 

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